Dr. Felix Burkhardt does teaching, consulting, research and development on speech communication, human-machine dialog systems, text-to-speech synthesis, speaker classification, ontology based natural language modeling and emotional human-machine interfaces.

Originally an expert of Speech Synthesis at the Technical University of Berlin, he wrote his ph.d. thesis on the simulation of emotional speech by machines, recorded the Berlin acted emotions database, "EmoDB", and maintains several open source projects, including the emotional speech synthesizer "Emofilt" and the speech labeling, the annotation tool "Speechalyzer" and the machine learning framework "Nkululeko". Since 2018 he is the research director at audEERING after having worked for the Deutsche Telekom AG for 18 years. From 2020-2022 he worked as a full professor at the institute of communication science of the Technical University of Berlin.

He was a member of the European Network of Excellence HUMAINE on emotion-oriented computing and is the editor of the W3C Emotion Markup Language specification and serves the program committee for numerous conferences including ACII, AVEC, EmoSPACE, FLAIR, IASTED CI, ICASSP, ICMI, ICPhS, Interspeech, IVA, IWSDS, LREC, Paraling, Prosico, SLSP, WS3P, journals: Specom, CSL, JASA, EURASIP, SIGPRO, IEEE-TAFFC, IEEE-TMM, IEEE-TASL, IEEE-TIP, IEEE-ISSI, IJSE, ETRI, Journal of Phonetics, Neural Processing Letters, UMUAI, and publishers: Wiley

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