Nkululeko: try out / demo a trained model

This is another Nkululeko post that shows you how to demo model that you trained before.

First you need to train a model, e.g. on emodb as shown here

The difference is, that you need to set the parameters

save = True

in the general section and

save = True

in the MODEL section of the configuration file.
Background: we need both the experiment as well as all model files to be saved on disk.

Here is an example script theen how to call the demo mode:

# set the path to the nkululeko sources
import sys
# import classes you need from there
import experiment as exp
import configparser
from util import Util

def main(config_file):
    # load the configuration that created the experiment
    config = configparser.ConfigParser()
    util = Util()
    # set up the experiment
    expr = exp.Experiment(config)
    print(f'running {expr.name}')
    # load the experiment from the name that is suggested
    # run the demo

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # example call with a configuration file

Automatically the best performing model will be used.

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