Nkululeko: export acoustic features

With nkululeko since version 0.85.0 the acoustic features for the test and the train (aka dev) set are exported to the project store.

If you specify the store_format:

store_format = csv

they will be exported to CSV (comma separated value) files, else PKL (readable by python pickle module).
I.e. you store should then after execution of any nkululeko module that computes features the two files:

  • feats_test.csv
  • feats_train.csv

If you specified scaling the features:

scale = standard # or speaker

you will have two additional files with features:

  • feats_test_scaled.csv
  • feats_train_scaled..csv

In contrast to the other feature stores, these contain the exact features that are used for training or feature importance exploration, so they might be combined from different feature types and selected via the features value. An example:

type = ['praat', 'os']
features = ['speechrate_nsyll_dur', 'F0semitoneFrom27.5Hz_sma3nz_amean']
scale = standard
store_format = csv

results in the following feats_test.csv:

./data/emodb/emodb/wav/11b03Wb.wav,0 days,0 days 00:00:05.213500,4.028004219813945,34.42206
./data/emodb/emodb/wav/16b10Td.wav,0 days,0 days 00:00:03.934187500,3.0501850763340586,31.227554


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